#1 The purposes ofcosplaying can vary von ccosplayA 08.05.2021 10:34

Therefore, it is not surprising that the specific origins of anime and manga cosplay are highly debated topics among anime and manga otaku (Hlozek 2004). Typically, cosplay is the extension of aperson’s fandom for the character or genre, such as science fiction and fantasy,anime and manga, comic books, and other creative media.Based on the paucity of research on cosplay, we wanted to learn more about cosplayers – their demographic information, how often they cosplay, the amount of time and money they devote to preparing for cosplaying, as well as their psychological motivations and experiences.
The purposes ofcosplaying can vary, but include the expression of adoration of the character,enjoying attention or approval from audiences/peers, andexperiencing the creativeprocess of the costume construction. Therefore, cosplay can extend to clothingdesign, fabrication, make-up, prop making, and other skills involved in creatingcostumes.

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