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Liao learns soldier Nu the most anti- smile:"Boy, are you to so have a conversation with your person in the home?"
"Yes, you didn't stipulate to concretely say again what contents.I and they Be also true to have no words to say, yelled so to go, save vexed heart."Take back MP4 in Li Yu, and then say:"To, teacher Liao, the board of directors gave me 5,000 pieces, is the medicine indemnification that the Xun leads a director fee, all of me give you."
Old Liao kneaded the hand of his neck to accept back:"Only this once, for this time only.Want to a little more be nutritive to have a conversation with parents after going home in the evening, for example before having a meal is who rice doing all want a thanks ……"the clock Bai interrupt:"Rice that is a Filipino maid to do."Rice that the Filipino maid does also wants!After meal if the parents didn't eat satisfied, politely say, 'father mother, I have already eaten satisfied, please slowly use.'Then rob to tidy up a bowl of chopsticks."
Say again in Li Yu:"What.In childhood once was full rob tidy up, my mama scolded me say this is next person the stem ground lived, don't I began."
Liao learns a soldier way ∶ "keep not to teach, you of Duo, the thou Xun early has its reason.So, I will educate your mama well of, you are main to take salute as a lord, meet with parents to still keep taking leave, all want to produce words currently, not ability a don't utter room to once change good clothes and arrive to outside make nuisance for others."
"It is all right.Remember."It hangs the head down a way in Li Yu.
"Just what title is Cui government what they made ?"
On talking this, in Li Yu to strength:"There is gossip newspaper in the morning, there is the person whom is like you very much and cypress You city together, medium's thinking that person is a cypress You the own elder brother of the city.Cui government their aring divided into two partieses to dispute this person is exactly to isn't you, hence made the photograph to the computer to compose type, changed headline and contents, take the printing press printed several ten just that kind of the small report of the contents."
"Hold.How did I become the elder brother of the city of cypress You?I have with that bird person which was the point like?"
"Teacher?Do you really know cypress You city?"Li Yu in twist his face positive.Cautiously scrutinizing is some kind of:"In addition to seem to be more crafty lechery to float to concuss the mean abnormal condition.Pour to a little bit and pretty be like."
"Ha ha, unexpectedly dare to calumniate a teacher."Old Liao lighted a cigarette and also passed a to him:"Sometimes I am really hard to realize, your this kid is just thinking what, why are a little that time with us different."
2 people shoulder to shoulder lean on a railing to smoke cigarette.In Li Yu contemplate in a short while, say:"Probably, this is the generation gap."
"The value is a little bit different.The pants that I wore during the days in the high school still beat to repair D, student's clothes in nowadays as long as breaking a son don't .My mama bought a piece the underclothing to me at that time, I also wore on the body in winter up to now.Although there has been a lot of holes, can is unwilling to throw."
Didn't the slightest recall~to the mind a bitterness to think a sweet mind in Li Yu, the superiority on the contrary living for oneself was complacent:"Teacher, this shirt is more than 2,000 pieces on my body, most wear half year."
"If there is no your parents.You are ragpicker's mendicant in the street, probably be like the anna kind in week every evening and do a part-time job till 2:00 A.M.."
In Li Yu one E.
"Like, don't talk this, your wanting slowly will comprehend hereafter.Have a chat with teacher, had a pound to once touch a female kid?We class a lot of classmates all at fall in love?"Liao learned a soldier to change easily, the young man liked of topic.
The head of Nao Nao rather and ashamedly says in Li Yu:"Received a soldier to blather ground in the bar last time.In fact it has been more than a years since I liked a graded three female kid and once said "hello" several times, is a nothing important progress."
"?BE who miss in the house, speak to let me three know well three detailed."
It sees watch in Li Yu:", Time shalls arrive soon, they should Islam room.Teacher walks to see beauty with you."

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