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"Ha ha, cypress he, you polite fart!Come to ten bottles of XOs, for me pack well, wait to descend me to bring back a house."Old Liao's another meaning is:"I also have no a necessity is as polite as you."The belly has a little hungry, the shark's fin sea cucumber bear's paw camel hump literally comes one 7810 kinds.The shoulder is pretty sour, call several 20 years old the following of the younger sister come to massage massage for uncle."
The waiter is hesitant ground of to change direction the cypress You city to the vision:"Sir, this ……"
The cypress You city says with smile:"Wait next have a little affair outsider inconvenient audit, female children need not called, rest of all shine on what he said to do."
After about 30 minutes, come in eight bellboys, row like a table that grows about ten meters, immediately after serving cart file in but go into, 88 course of vegetables, only than the full formal banquet is without 20.Shark's fin sea cucumber natural not in context of present discussion, 40 fruits, four fresh fruits, four honey moneys, four stem goods, chicken duck fish, lamb bear's paw, the pilose antler deer whip, delicacies from land and sea, lion Feng longjing, all contend for strange Dou gorgeous, spray joss-stick to come into nostrils.
"Not the Kui is the center of top-class whole city food and drink wager, half an hour cans make so several vegetableses, the most remarkable.Say, cypress Zi, you so warmheartedly invite me, must ask me what problem.Mama of, embellish for show wasted, thoroughly is corrupt degenerative, the flower of 88 course of vegetables how much ?Enough I ate last decade?This bottle Jyong canary tongue, of kill 100 near canaries to make into a vegetables, afraid not several thousands of."Old Liao is which way most rare rare seek which vegetables, made a piece of pilose antler first to taste fresh.
"Mr. Liao really has taste and clenches a cypress collar of dress way:"His mama of!120,000 send ain't better for me?You show to put a bird hair!Put Lao Tze don't appreciate favors given as well, 88 course of vegetables similar eats an one mouthful, can also support the dead to the person.What face do you think and pay attention to?Lao Tze just however open a small fun just, I dislike most Be getting more wasted!"
"Do not be excited, Mr. Liao, I feel to just enough explain my sincerity so."The cypress You city doesn't not is still fire, talk to match feeling reasonable.
Old Liao releases him:"Hereafter remember to protect ecosystem, refuse without cause waste!This time even if."The cypress You city did it ever is reprimanded angrily to, unexpectedly and involuntarily order.
"Mr. Liao!You definitely with west city Mo the owner acquaint with very much?"
Old Liao enjoys the food hugely, the head doesn't lift as well and filled up thing to talk in mouth unclear not pure, "want to know what the concrete circumstance keep saying and have no call to round a turn of son, my this person is very generous.
"I have already heard pass on a message in the turn.Is that you obstructed Mo last night owner to deal with the tea poison of ice rain persecution.You definitely heel Mo the owner has a very deep relation, and someone sees you and Mo owner the dozen make by the side of the dining table.
Liao learned soldier's side to chew Ti to go to the bear's paw side of bone and say:"The old acquaintance is just.You don't know that I change to return to Mu to permit ice rain with the own life and family possessions for a year of contract and he no longer harasses the commitment that the Mu permits ice rain.In fact this meal should be invited me just by that small broad to, doesn't even put fart for she paying so many, she.
The Mu permits ice rain to know that he is Liao, name telephone all not know medium sea so heavy, seek a person talk what easy?Unless old Liao appears on his/her own initiative on Saturday's fan club.
"I to the ice one sincerity of Ms. Yu, this meal is paid by me also similar."The cypress You city listenned to old Liao's grievance words and had a little ashamed.
"See to mafia's trying to usurp a show biz isn't a day and two days of business.The many people are deeply harmed by it, connect the Mu of widely popular world to permit ice rain to also get away from them.Luckily she is to usually come to win sea.
The cypress You city worries of say:"Ice Ms. Yu's head office requests her from now on resident medium sea, with win sea for the radicle order to radiate a whole country.Walk an owner Mo, also is different from to listen to a mafia.I at in sea so long, how much also know some mafia influences.West city of thousand Jia agreeable company, the south of pure always group, four in the last yearses in the north is still a complete mess up to now.They all think that the by all manners is stained with a relation with entertainment industry.Mr. Liao, you understanding Mo owner that talked so much, I wanted to ask you to protect ice Ms. Yu is free from violating of other people.

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