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The Yan pleasant breeze facial expression is tiny to change.Unexpectedly this guy intentionally stayed a skill.
Does he just still think that he has no to recognize quasi- position.
Say so to come, his real strenght-----Really at Mosasaurus on?
"Ha ha, however you don't want to worry."The autumn of the leaf claps Yan pleasant breeze ground shoulder, say:"I can't make this kind of mistake again next time.I think that you must be think so of?"
"It is quite good."Yan pleasant breeze Yin malicious head in the location.
2 people's view again vigorous collision together, spark four splash.
Very for a while, 2 people suddenly smiled at the same time.
"Yan captain.I am still going to call on my own teammate.Don't bother you."The autumn of the leaf smilingly says.
"Okay.Though leaf's brothers goes to favour."The Yan pleasant breeze nods to say.
2 people's one parties friendly of difference, let other squads to visit the human face face reading of harming the member Qu.
These two guys is clapping a drama?
In a short while the lips gun tongue sword, the peripheral glint and flash of cold steel ground gleams, let good repute but living cold.Turn eye again handle knob speech joys, well and full brother.
Only the leaf autumn and Yan pleasant breeze 2 people know.At just after that words.They all descended to settle decision at the same time, want the other party in addition to it is and then quick.
The autumn of the leaf returns to river Yan purple nearby.River Yan is purple to sweep his one eye, said:"Boring ground of game."
The autumn of the leaf smiles to shake head.Say:"You don't understand.The combat performance between the men not only is only on the battlefield in all aspects."
The autumn of the leaf in earnest looking at river Yan purple, suddenly ask a way:"Do you have a condition that see Yan pleasant breeze emotion's lose control?"
"Does the emotion lose control?"River Yan is purple to want to think, shook head to say:"The complaisance that he always all expresses."
The autumn of the leaf painfully claps a forehead, the bitterness says with a smile:"I if he, early dead tired.So, do you want to see the Yan pleasant breeze in a thundering rage ground appearance?"
River Yan is purple to want to think, leaf autumn ground this parlance returns be really pretty have already seduced into wrong doing sexual.
Way to get along with people well-manneredly man suddenly on changing image, will can't make people have the ear eyes one close felling?
The autumn of the leaf claps river Yan purplely shoulder, say:"Wait.I will definitely show you this act."
Unnatural smiling face when the pleasant breeze that river Yan is purple to think of Yan just leaves, wish, afraid is very quick and then can see.Continuously challenge at this man and under the stroke, he return ability strong support to arrive when?
In fact, the man combines to pack ground so hard.
The gentle and cultivated man easily gets chemisette to like, but is like a leaf the man of this kind of true temperament for autumn be free from woman's ground to welcome?
If make me choose, I pour to hope to choose a-----
River Yan is purple to shake, oneself is in the brain the absurd mind of problem infinite extension to blur out.Looking at to lie on the camel on the bed to ask a way:"How to feel?"
Camel wry smile.Say:"Luckily my knowing oneself isn't an opponent and slip away ground quicker.Otherwise, I am similar to that guy."
While talking, the camel was ordered to order to lie by him wildly with the head.
Wildly and naturally there is a spirit for refusing to concede defeat, even if meet the member of team of fifth troops are also similar.
He frequently inflicts a heavy losses on, still fierce stand in no fear of hopeless situation to climb toward opponent blunt past.So he is harmed by ground to compare camel severity of many, until now still the obfuscation don't come to.
"Like a rest.The combat of behind hands over to us."The river Yan purple comforter says.
The camel is a burst of touched.He knows their temper of this cold captain, the peacetime absolutely can't speak this kind of words.Even if she really concerns them these inferiority.Will also present to mind a concern.Now then the sky can speak this sentence.Also enough make them feeling warm.
This is the person's inside mean nature.
If a person flatters you in your ear all day long, you will have no felling, even will annoy.But a person who originally has some to dislike your ground suddenly said a your good words, so your viscera with ate a ginseng fruit generally at ease.
If can choose, the leaf autumn hopes this time meet Lin Bao Er in the base is an evil-foreboding dream.
Choked an own thigh, discovered 2 people to have never met.
Then oneself continue to remember fondly, but be recently don't seeing her in about a year.

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