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Just let go of dinner plate at the leaf autumn, when a drumstick chewed half saw wear red sportswear sweetly be like one a thoroughly cookedly big apple general Lin Bao Er following her teacher and classmate to walk into dining room.
Yan Kang?Ye Qiu remembers this name.But leaf the autumn is to this goods nothing important good will.
Isn't another, because of his Xing Yan.
The autumn of the leaf is malicious to carry a plate to squat down table the underneath go, can keep Lin Bao Er from discovering himself/herself so.
Although on the time in village old house, he and the crew member usually carry a bowl rice ride on the threshold to have a meal or at front door the ground willow lower hem the pony clip, the part Kan Tashan, part heap the ground is like knoll rice to solve.But don't go now.
The leaf autumn classmate feels that he or she was presentablely a person now.Just just once vanquished the superior of fifth troops after all.How to wear also and want to pack in a short while superior's manner.
Lin Bao Er sees a leaf for autumn.Eyes a bright, after beating hello with teacher, then a face smiled idea ground to come over here to the leaf autumn.
After leaf autumn's promising her be going to Lin Jia came with a marriage proposal, she then feels that she was already the autumn contract matrimony ground wife of leaf.
"The autumn of the leaf.Xi Xi, I saw you again."Lin Bao Er runs up to embrace shoulder of leaf autumn.Say with warm and affectionate look.
The autumn of the leaf swept one eye.Elder brother, Lin Cang Lan, who didn't see Lin Bao Er, this just lets go of heart.Poke aside Lin Bao Er's hand, say:"Treasure son.This is the dining room.Does the many people looking at."
"Is afraid of?You promised to come with a marriage proposal at my house, I hereafter is your wife's adult.Still fear other people to see?"Lin Bao Er doesn't loosen a hand, the naturally ground says.
"But now------Didn't°yet not come with a marriage proposal at your house?"
"Is anyway very quick."Lin Bao Er says with a smile."The autumn of the leaf, I dreamed dream to you last night."
"What does the dream arrive me?Am I your background walls?"The autumn of the leaf is once hurt, having already been different from last time that sort is silly of concussion.Be not.My dream arrived you to come with a marriage proposal at our house."
"You were shouted a person by my grandpa to drag along to go out to die."
The autumn of the leaf almost drive the beef in the mouth to choke dead, looking at an excitedly small face of full face of Lin Bao Er, depressedly say:"I am shot to death you so happy?"
"Be not."Lin Bao Er shakes head.Head behind a small plait also follow a swing."In the dream, the grandpa makes people die you, I cry ground very sad.But wait while waking up, discovering that this is a dream I.I am again very excited.On seeing you now, see you still well on the hoof.I am happier."
The leaf autumn heart is one Zhan, the feeling what things fill with for it.
"Cry what?"The autumn of the leaf kneads Lin Bao Er fat of small face, love deeply ground to say:"Have a dream just.How take seriously?"
Lin Bao Er most dislikes that the other people kneaded her face.The somebody else is no longer a 23-year-old child.
Don't lead head.Pull down the leaf autumn ground, in earnest looking at for autumn, the leaf says:"Certainly want sad.If you really of be died by the grandpa, I still seek who and I does the contract matrimony go?"
This time, the leaf autumn feels to have what things letting is original some inflations of heart more of enrichment.That is the wrath.
The arm that flounces Lin Bao Er, the leaf autumn lies prone on the table to be devoted to a bitterness to eat.Painful and sad all drown in the food.Not to be taunted, we still hide not rise.
"Leaf's elder brother Qiu, you are angry?"Lin Bao Er runs up again to embrace shoulder of leaf autumn to flutter.
"Have no."
"You get angry."
"I have no."
"Still deny?Deny me again to bite you."Lin Bao Er's two lines of silvers tooth bites at a leaf the arm for autumn of a piece of meat.Threaten to say.
"It is all right.I am angry."Accept defeat for leaf another autumns.Lifted an eye to sweep a turn on all sides.Say:"Can you release me first?Many people at looking at."
"I will show other people.Thus, my grandpa will be early some to know that our relation is close."
This witch, originally the in the mind still has thus ground plan.
Lin Cang Lan walks to dining rooms doorway and then sees he or she grounds baby's younger sister just and leaf autumn sticky together, although heart in upset, he also really needs to be an and leaf the autumn take to be online of lend.Hence, then the path keeps the position that sits toward 2 people to walk over there.
"Treasure son, what do you do here?"Lin Cang Lan stands to after death ask a way at them.

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