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Chinese tech companies are joining the game of using this year’s soccer tournament to show off all kinds of electronic wizardry

BEIJING (Caixin Online) - This year’s World Cup has more technology than ever air max 97 silver uomo , with “vanishing foam” and goal-line technology becoming part of the sport for the first time.

Off the field, Chinese are using the World Cup not just to attract soccer fans but also to build their brands and expand their businesses.

On June 10, LeTV Media and Technology Co. Ltd. showed off a simple interactive feature for its line of smart TVs. While the television screen displayed a live broadcast of a soccer match, a trivia question appeared in the bottom right corner: “Which country hosted the 1998 World Cup?” After a LeTV executive used a remote control to select “France air max 97 gold uscita ,” the screen showed the message “Correct! You have won 200 LeTV Shopping Center points.” Chinese viewers can now win the points for themselves at home.

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Autonavi Holdings Ltd., a digital mapping company backed by Alibaba Group, embedded into CCTV broadcasts a map showing where each team’s supporters are for any game air max 97 gold uomo , a move it hopes will lead to a “big data” bonanza.

But the tech industry’s most lucrative World Cup-related business model isn’t new. While gambling is illegal in China, provincial governments run “sports lotteries” that tie ticket payouts to game outcomes,and use the money to fund welfare programs. Led by e-commerce titan Alibaba Group, whose online marketplace Taobao began to sell sports lottery tickets in 2007 nike air max 97 bianche , China’s Internet giants have raced to establish footholds in the fast-growing market to resell those tickets online.

Caixin has compiled a guide to the 2014 World Cup’s technology lineup, both on the field in Brazil and on screens at home.

On the Pitch

“Vanishing foam”

Developed by sports reporter Pablo Silva in 2008, but making its first World Cup appearance this year, this spray is used by referees to temporarily mark the line defenders must stay behind for a penalty kick. The line then disappears within a minute. Made mostly of water and volatile butane air max 97 bianche uomo , the white line the spray produces is composed of tiny bubbles that evaporate quickly. The official version is sold by Argentinian firm 9.15 Fair Play Limit, but imitations are available on Amazon and Taobao.

Goal-line Technology

Also making its debut this year is a system that helps the referee make difficult judgments about whether the ball really passed the goal line. After evaluating systems based on radio waves, magnets and microchips embedded within the soccer ball, FIFA chose a camera-based product from GoalControl GmbH that flashes “GOAL” or “NO GOAL” wirelessly to the referee’s watch. The technology saw its first use in a group-stage game between France and Honduras.

Adidas miCoach

Rolled out as part of the company’s World Cup marketing air max 97 nere uomo , this “smart soccer ball” from Adidas AG is wired with sensors that record every aspect of the ball’s motion and spin. It sends the data via Bluetooth to a user’s iPhone, where a miCoach app converts it into advice on kicking and footwork technique. The ball retails for US$ 300 through online stores run by Adidas and Apple Inc.

On the Screen

Autonavi Heat Map

Debuted on CCTV5’s World Cup Feast program, this tool from Alibaba Group’s Autonavi map division uses colors to indicate the relative numbers of fans of each team in provinces and cities around China. Smartphone users with Autonavi’s app can search for bars and restaurants that are showing World Cup games, and in the process have the opportunity to tell the company which team they support.

LeTV Interactive TV

Smart TV maker LeTV is in the process of launching a technology it calls “viewpoint radar nike air max 97 nere ,” designed to turn TV-watching into an interactive experience. With the latest version of LeTV software installed, users can already use their remote controls to pull up information on World Cup teams and players. Eventually, “viewpoint radar” will allow users to look up the clothing brands being worn by athletes and celebrities, and then buy the same products – all without leaving the broadcast.

Online Sports Lotteries

Reselling tickets for the sports lotteries run by provincial governments has become an industry in itself http://www.airmax97offerta.it/ , with China’s Net giants competing to build the most convenient and popular online and mobile lottery portals. Caitong Consulting Inc., an online lottery consulting firm, expects sales of 10 billion yuan for World Cup-related lottery tickets this year, up from 2.3 billion for the 2010 World Cup. Observers fear that not all online resellers have real government contracts.


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